Tailored solutions for all your waste management needs

Purely Waste Solutions offer a tailored waste equipment, recycling and collection service for all your waste management needs across Dudley

With a wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we can ensure full legal compliance; achieve all environmental objectives whilst reducing your current waste management costs.

Waste Collection

Efficient waste collection services offered by Purely Waste Solutions. We handle diverse waste streams to help you maintain cleanliness and sustainability.

Waste Equipment

Explore our range of waste equipment solutions at Purely Waste Solutions, designed to enhance waste management efficiency and sustainability.


Maximise your revenue potential with Purely Waste Solutions through our innovative waste management solutions and revenue-generating opportunities.


Contribute to a sustainable future by partnering with Purely Waste Solutions for efficient and effective recycling solutions.


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Dudley Waste Collection Services

We can deliver a wide range of waste wheeler containers across Dudley to suit your needs. Available in three sizes (240, 660 and 1100 Litre bins), these wheeled containers are suitable for offices, restaurants, shops, public houses and light industrial use. 

For larger capacities we can supply skips and front-end-loaders. We also provide a confidential waste management service to Dudley businesses either onsite or mobile shredding, and can handle confidential paperwork, clothing and digital media.

Waste Wheelers - Waste Collection

Large Scale Waste Collection in Dudley

We can supply Rolonofs to your location in Dudley and help dispose of large volumes of waste for recycling, or if the waste is bulky or heavy. We have four sizes of container (15, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards), lower sided containers such as a 15 yard are ideal for removal of larger quantities of hardcore or soil. 

We offer a tanker service for the collection of liquid waste using articulated tankers (6000 gallons) or ther rigid vehicles (4000 gallons). Collection services can vary from factory spillages, gully empties, liquid food waste, sewage collection and emptying grease traps in Dudley.

Rolonof - Waste Collection

Dudley Waste Equipment

Compactors are suitable for large volumes of compactable waste and recycling and reduce on-site vehicle movements. At Purely Waste we can offer small compactor units that are transported by skip lorry or large units transported by a rolonof vehicle.

Purely Waste Solutions can supply balers to handle larger volumes of recycling material such as cardboard and plastic. The baling machine is designed to compact recycling material into a neat dense bale, ready to be tied and sent for reprocessing.

Baled material is a source of revenue for the client and we an offer a tailored collection service to customers in Dudley to support this.

Waste Balers - Waste Equipment

Dudley Skip Hire

Purely Waste Solutions offer a skip hire service in Dudley. Skips are a great way of efficiently and responsibly disposing of all waste, whether it’s from redundant stock, office clearances or large-scale commercial work. All materials are sorted to recover as much recycling as possible.

We can supply skips for hire in Dudley in a variety of sizes including 4, 6, 12 and 20 cubic yards. Smaller 4 and 6 yard skips are ideal for the construction industry where heavy waste items require disposal, for example soil or hardcore.

Contact us for a competitive quote for skip hire in Dudley. 

Skips - Waste Collection